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To meet requests from various industries, NIDEK offers custom-made coatings. We enjoy taking on new challenges and making efforts to offer reasonable proposals to our customers. Since 2009, we have added a number of consumer products to our coating product lineup in Japan.

Coating Technology Adding Much Value to Your Products

For anti-reflection, transmittance/reflectance of specific wavelength, higher durability, and anti-smudge, we offer nano-level coating for optical materials such as LCD, organic EL, and lenses. Taking advantage of the characteristics of organic/inorganic materials, we are also developing a new coating material. In addition, with NIDEK’s unique lens dyeing technology, it is now possible to dye materials that were considered undyeable through conventional methods. Through this technology, we help you add value to your products.

Well-Equipped Production Facilities Producing High Quality Products

The NIDEK Osawa Coating Plant is one of the largest vacuum coating factories in the world. High quality coating is carried out in a clean environment. The plant is equipped with an automated mass production system, enabling efficient production 24 hours.

Responding to Customer's Requests

We exhibit our solutions at various industry exhibitions to promote our coating solutions. Our staff in research & development, production, and sales work together as one to consider how we may better serve our customers. We will always strive to tailor our service to the various needs of our customers by taking the customer’s point of view.