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Lens Edging

NIDEK offers a range of products for manufacturing eyeglasses. Through our advanced technologies, we support each step of the optometric process, including visual acuity measurement, lens measurement and processing. We help to realize greater operational efficiency and to enhance the satisfaction of wearing eyeglasses and improved vision.

Continuing development of lens edging systems

NIDEK's Lens Edging systems began in 1989 with the launch of the LE-8000. This innovative system has continued to develop along with the innovation and optometry. However one thing has not changed and that is our policy of doing our best to provide our customers with the highest quality products and service.

In order to make better glasses

Fine glasses require fine lenses and fine frames. NIDEK supports the creation of optimal glasses by offering accurate technologies, which customer-oriented lens selection, and lens edging equipment to enable various eyewear designs and thus cater to a range of aesthetic needs.

More Freedom Over Design

Glasses are increasingly being used as a fashion item rather than simply as a means of vision correction. Not only is NIDEK’s lens processing technology highly accurate, it also enables a range of designs so that customers can enjoy comfortable, high quality glasses with designs that they have chosen.