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Corporate Policy: Three "AI's"




KIGAI - Strong will

The most important element. The strong will to try challenging and overcoming difficulties even if it seems impossible.

CHIGAI - Differentiations

This element means making possible what others cannot and being a valuable company forever by differentiating NIDEK from other companies. Among many competitors, NIDEK will be No.1 with unique products, promotional activities and services. CHIGAI is an important element for every aspect of our work.

SEKAI - Global

Since its foundation, NIDEK has been expanding its business all over the world. NIDEK aims to become a company that contributes to people all over the world by driving the global market with our products and service. It is important to understand differences in nationality and culture. Moreover, by cooperating as a NIDEK globalteam we will become the No.1 leading company in the world.