Cataract Station

Sophisticated yet easy.  One station, three devices.  Full examination in 35 seconds.

Cataract Station

One Station and One Step Ahead Practice

The Cataract Station provides essential information for premium IOL surgery, including IOL power calculations, corneal assessment, visual quality assessment, endothelium assessment, and more.


Work Flow

1.  Patient Screening

Flags post-refractive surgery cases, abnormal corneas (eg. keratoconus), and potential visual acuity after surgery.

2.  Surgical Planning

  • Astigmatism axis for toric IOL implantation
  • Endothelium cell count and White-to-White measurements
  • Post-LASIK IOL power calculation
  • Retroillumination function for assessment of cataract opacities, digital axis marking allowing assessment of IOL position, and alignment of toric IOL
  • IOL selection based on corneal spherical aberration and target refraction

3. Counselling to Patients

Preoperative and post-operative vision simulation based on the patient’s eyes.

Nidek Cataract Station offers

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Cataract Station