OCT Angiography

The selectable tracing function enables high resolution imaging of the retinal vasculature with a wide view of the posterior pole.

OCT-Angiography Software for RS-3000 Advance 2 AngioScan

Panorama image

panorama image

  Analysis by NAVIS-EX

Tracing HD


Selectable tracing function

Based on the clinical requirement, the tracing function can be set for high definition and high contrast imaging.                                                        Images can also be captured in a few seconds without the tracing function.


Wide area scan 9x9

Scan size can range from
3mm to maximum of 9mm.


Clinical Case


Images courtesy of Kagoshima University Hospital
Dr. Manish Nagpal, Retina Foundation & Eye Research Centre
Prof. Giovanni Staurenghi, Sacco Hospital, University of Milan
Prof. Stanislao Rizzo, Careggi University Hospital, University of Florence

This software is an optional product of RS3000 Advance.
Specification may very depending on circumstances in each country.
Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.