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Social Contribution

A Nepalese engineer, who had received service training at NIDEK, wrote to NIDEK about the children who cannot go to school. Inspired by this letter, NIDEK provided a fund for establishing a school. NIDEK also donated “Visual Acuity Meter” to Gamagori, its hometown, as a token of our appreciation, and for children. Through such volunteer activities, NIDEK continues to make social commitments.

Joining the Special Olympics Nippon

In “2008 Special Olympics Nippon National Winter Games Yamagata”, a sports event for the mentally disabled in Japan, NIDEK lent its products including diagnostic and lens edging equipments voluntarily. NIDEK employees also joined in this event as volunteer staff.

Better Global Welfare

We have taken part in plastic bottle beverage cap recycling network, called the “Eco Cap Recycling” since 2009. You can find caps-only-containers here and there in each NIDEK workstations. We collect used plastic bottle caps and then send them to designated NGOs. Since plastic bottle caps have monetary value when recycled, the NGOs convert them into money to purchase vaccines for children in developing countries. In 2012, NIDEK collected 194,079 caps, equivalent to 215 vaccine shots for children.